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Re: Smart Ground

> does anyone know how fattening plain tvp is??

Cherrie, it's not fattening at all.  By that I mean it doesn't *contain* much
fat, but like anything else, if you ate huge quantities of it, it would make
you gain weight.  :-)  Anyway, here's the nutritional info on TVP from The TVP
Cookbook by Dorothy R. Bates:

Granules:  (per 1/4 cup dry--21 gm.)
Calories: 59
Protein: 11 gm.
Carbo: 7 gm.
Fat:  .2 gm.

Flakes and Chunks: (per 1/4 cup dry--14 gm.)
Calories: 39
Protein: 7 gm.
Carbo: 4 gm.
Fat:  .1 gm.