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Smart Ground

Lightlife makes a product called Smart Ground Taco & Burrito.  Oh YES!  Even
my fussy sister ate the stuff without grumbling; she thought she was eating

Some egg roll wrappers came in handy the other night when I cut some into
squares and made mini-pockets stuffed with the Smart Ground.  Just rolled
'em up and steamed them, then took some baked taco chips, crushed 'em up,
sprinkled them over the tasty morsels and served 'em up with greens and
salsa on the side.

If you'd rather skip the tiny amount of fat and cholesterol in egg roll
wrappers you can just take some flour and water, mix up a very firm dough
and roll it out thinly.  It takes a little time, but sure works.

Happy munching,

Beverly Kurtin
Personal Coach