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Re: Smart Ground

hee hee

its a lovely place to visit
just hated growing up there!!! lol
what campground did you stay at? i camped in sequim last summer, it was

does anyone know how fattening plain tvp is??


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men would die from a great loneliness
of the spirit.
For whatever happens to the beast,
soon happens to man."
~Chief Seattle~

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> Hello...I need to order from my food coop, deadline almost past due.
> This sounds really good, so I hope they have it.  I have only ever used
> Morningstar and something else unmemorable.
> Checked out  opheliabug website.  We drove through Port Angeles this
> summer.  Stayed at a campground so did our own cooking.  Seemed
> OK there to us, but then we're from WI.
> Bye...Elizabeth