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Re: ediets.com

> anybody know where to get sesame seed oil? and how does it compare
> fat- and nutrient-wise to olive oil and other oils out there?

Hi there..

Sesame seed oil is available in a couple of different kinds.. one is a dark
brownish colour, and is made from toasted seeds.. it has a lovely rich
flavour and is used a lot in Chinese cooking.. it is excellent because you
only need to add a couple of drops to give a nice taste.  you should be able
to get it from any Chinese grocery store, or even a good supermarket. As far
as health, it is probably a good thing that you only need a few drops, as it
is highly refined and the heating process probably creates all kinds of free
radical nasties!

The other is made from regular seeds and has little flavour.. I use it for
salads etc, I buy mine from the health food store as I can get unrefined,
organic oil there.

Failing that, I use the oil which separates from my tahini.

In terms of nutritiion, all oils are 100% calories from fat, so go light.
Sesame oil is purported to have some of the essential fatty acids (as long
as it is unrefined and not heat treated), which may make it a healthier
choice than some other oils.