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RE: Zeftu's Tomato-Fennel Soup, and carrots

Carrot orange juice is QUITE good, but you have to make it and drink it
right away. It doesn't keep well. It's just carrots (fresh) and oranges in a
vitamix or good blender.

Grated carrot salad with crushed pineapple and raisins is also good.

Carrot cake, carrot cookies, carrot bread...all good good good and you could
probably do then relatively low fat.

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> From: Kate L Pugh [mailto:kate.pugh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Friday, January 19, 2001 12:44 PM
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> Subject: Zeftu's Tomato-Fennel Soup, and carrots
> On Thu 18 Jan 2001, Zeftu@xxxxxxx wrote:
> I'm part way through this right now (I'm doing my weekend evening
> thing where I do a little bit of cooking at intervals between reading,
> listening to music and using the computer). Looks like it's going to
> turn out great - thank you! Where is the recipe from, or is it one you
> made up? I used white wine for the sauteeing (end of a bottle that's
> been sitting there for a bit but is still OK for cooking). I used
> about 225g (8 oz weight) fennel to get the 2 cups.
> While I'm here, does anyone have any good vegan carrot recipes?
> Neither soup nor curry if possible, since I have lots of both in the
> freezer at the moment. I have a large bag of carrots that I'd like to
> use up. Thanks!
> Kake