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Re: Carrot Recipes

On Fri 19 Jan 2001, Kitty <basyefelton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I would love some of those carrot soup recipes.   I have five pounds of
> carrots I want to use up and I am JUST in the mood for soups.

Hi Kitty! I don't have an actual recipe for my carrot soup. I make it
up as I go along. I thicken it with red split lentils rather than
potato since then it will freeze better (potato doesn't freeze too
well - its texture suffers). I generally start by sauteeing chopped
onions and maybe some garlic and/or celery (white wine is a nice
sautee medium), then add chopped carrots and split lentils. Not too
many lentils, because you want it to taste of carrots rather than
lentils. Maybe some spices such as ground coriander and/or
cumin. Simmer till lentils are cooked, then puree.

Thanks to everyone who's posted carrot ideas. Any main-course recipes
rather than side dishes or baked goods?