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Zeftu's Tomato-Fennel Soup, and carrots

On Thu 18 Jan 2001, Zeftu@xxxxxxx wrote:

I'm part way through this right now (I'm doing my weekend evening
thing where I do a little bit of cooking at intervals between reading,
listening to music and using the computer). Looks like it's going to
turn out great - thank you! Where is the recipe from, or is it one you
made up? I used white wine for the sauteeing (end of a bottle that's
been sitting there for a bit but is still OK for cooking). I used
about 225g (8 oz weight) fennel to get the 2 cups.

While I'm here, does anyone have any good vegan carrot recipes?
Neither soup nor curry if possible, since I have lots of both in the
freezer at the moment. I have a large bag of carrots that I'd like to
use up. Thanks!