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Re: Chocolate pudding cake

Hadass wrote:

> This is the one that I used - sorry for not posting it, but I only had a
> hard copy - I've changed computers a couple of times since 1994 8-). It came
> out awful. I can think of a few things - I used a smaller pan than mentioned
> here, I think it was 6x9 rather than 8x8, and it overflowed a bit. It may
> also have overcooked from being in for 40 minutes since it was smaller. But
> basically it was dry on top, and the pudding was tasteless 8-(.

You know, I remember that it once turned out badly for me, and I decided that the
recipe must be a little temperamental.  I'm sure that using a different size pan
could throw it off.

Someone suggested using more cocoa powder, and I think that's a good idea if you
found the pudding tasteless.  The dry on top could be a result of the overflowing.
Other than that, I just don't know.  The time it came out badly for me was after I'd
made it several times before without a problem, and I never could figure out what
went wrong.

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