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Re: Chocolate Pudding Cake

I don't have time to bake anymore, the closest I come to is making the
NoPudge brownie mixes (which are very good btw) but I do recall making this
chocolate uding cake a few times.
My guess is that changing the pan size will be a big problem, actually a
smaller pan may take LONGER to cook through as it will be thicker, but that
may toughen the cake part for this recipe.   I recall overcooking it once
and feeling it was a bit chewy :-)  Also I do recall decreasing the sugar &
water a bit.  And use the best cocoa you can find, it always makes a big

The best fatfree chocoate cake I recall from the list was labeled something
like "Grandma's best chocolate cake".   Sorry I don't have the recipe online
but surely it's in the archives.