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okay.. so i clicked on a banner for ediets at the fatfree homepage and
was well impressed.. so much that i immediately signed up. don't get
me wrong, i'm not usually such an impulsive shopper, but one look at
the options (low fat, low salt, low sugar, vegetarian, egg free,
fish-inclusive, non-dairy - i am in option heaven, lol!!) and the
daily meal plans and i had to give it a go. already it's been a big
aid to my regular eating habits: i am fast realising that i was never
getting near enough fruits in my diet, or vegetables or protein..
can't say that i've actually begun to lose weight, because i am not
sticking to their exercise or "eat in moderation" regimen ;) BUT i am
having a great time with the recipes and my little daily menu and
shopping list.. okay, it may be frivolous, but i think i (probably
people like me) just needed this little extra push to get on the track
to healthy eating habits, since none of my friends could care less and
i'm not exactly so experienced myself!

(eh, be advised, i am not being paid for this rave! ;)

anybody know where to get sesame seed oil? and how does it compare
fat- and nutrient-wise to olive oil and other oils out there?