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> Other breakfast ideas are pancakes, waffles and muffins made from scratch
> using healthy whole wheat or other whole grain flours,

was getting bored with oats and  i love pancakes muffins , etc.
do you actually prepare the stuff in teh morning?
or leave teh mix prepared teh night before?
leave it any hints or easy recipes?  easy recipes to make??

> and when using non-stick pans these can all be made fat free.

what am i looking for here?? what material??

> And of course, there's the sweets-lovers favorite fruit smoothie made with
> ff soy or rice milk and fresh fruit.

i do have   a juicer which i use everyday...

> You can find good recipes for breads, muffins and pancakes on the
> fatfree website (take the link for searchable recipe archive at
> http://www.fatfree.com).

thanks i do look often. Was also hoping for some
preparation ideas when u dont  have a lot of time in
the mornings fro pancakes for example.

> Since breakfast is my most important meal of the day, I usually eat
> something sturdy.

good idea

>  I don't do cereal or toast and eggs like "normal" people.
> I do rice with soy sauce, or potato salad or mac salad with bunches of
> chopped vegetables (such as carrots, broccoli, celery, radishes, cauliflower
> and whatever strikes my fancy), or, as Sue mentioned, leftovers.

i dont mind savoury stuff at breakfast eitehr