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pc wrote:
> > Other breakfast ideas are pancakes, waffles and muffins made from scratch
> > using healthy whole wheat or other whole grain flours,
> was getting bored with oats and  i love pancakes muffins , etc.
> do you actually prepare the stuff in teh morning?
> or leave teh mix prepared teh night before?
> leave it any hints or easy recipes?  easy recipes to make??
I make 40 to 50 pancakes or waffles at a time, then freeze them between
squares of waxxed paper.  That way, any time someone wants one for
breakfast on a school morning, all they have to do is take one out and
pop it in the toaster.  Works great in our house.

> > and when using non-stick pans these can all be made fat free.
> what am i looking for here?? what material??
Teflon-coated works.