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silken tofu

+AD4-From: +ACI-Neil Bernstein+ACI-
+AD4-Last weekend, my wife heard a commentary about the virtues
of tofu for +AD0-
+AD4-post-menapausal women and went out and bought a package of
silky, extra +AD0-
+AD4-firm tofu.   Quite frankly, we don't know what to do with
this particular +AD0-
+AD4-tofu variation and are having difficulty finding recipes.

Hi Neil,
I use the silken tofus in smoothies, salad dressings and
The blend nice and smooth.
I figure you can make a smoothie.  For salad dressings, I
like to use lemon juice, fresh garlic, variety of herbs,
sliced scallions, maybe some balsamic or other vinegar, etc.
Dips are similar.
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second half of life and living it well+ACE-

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