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Re: Fava Beans

Susan - I'm not sure what "ceviche" is but I'm always looking for something
yummy to do with tofu. Could you post your recipe?
I'm back on fatfree digest after being gone for a long time - hello to
everyone! : )

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Date: Thursday, November 04, 1999 10:37 AM
Subject: Re: Fava Beans

>I just noticed yesterday that the Whole Foods in our part of the world
>(Austin, Texas) carries fava beans in their bulk section. You might want to
>ask someone at the store there if they would start stocking them. I've
>the company to be extremely accomodating on requests (they sent me an
>incredible tofu ceviche recipe when I asked -which I'd be happy to post it
>anyone's interested).
>I didn't notice if they were Egyptian or European though. Actually I didn't
>realize there were any distinctions.
>Good luck.
>Susan C.