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website almost fully recovered!

Hiya folks: 

Very good news to report: The website has been almost fully recovered
from the bad disk!  

I'm missing some html-ized versions of some of the recipes in the
stock category for sure (I will fix), but I may be missing some other
recipe files in html form.  If any of you have any spare time and can
visit the recipe links in the recipe listings, it would be a good help
to know if any are missing so I can rebuild them (I have the raw data,
I just need to regenerate any missing pages).  Please email me at
artemis@xxxxxxxxx if you find any missing pages on the website (except
for the stock recipes-- those I know about).

Thanks much!  And thanks again for your good wishes and offers of help
during this crisis.

p.s. as I type, an additional backup on another system is being made.

Michelle Dick       artemis@xxxxxxxxx       East Palo Alto, CA
          Owner, FATFREE Vegetarian Mailing List