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Dinner dish

Hi!  Just threw this mixture together last night for dinner, and my family
enjoyed it.  Very simple, and still good for left-overs.  (Plus you can
throw in any left-over veggies you may havebut didn't know what to do with.)

--1 can FF vegetable broth
--1 can each of peas, carrots (or use left-over vegetables sitting in the
'fridge from last night's dinner)
--3/4 to 1 cup small pasta, such as midolline 
--1 tsp. garlic
--dash of pepper
--1 tsp. lite salt
--additional water if starts to stick
--water/flour mixture to thicken if you'd like

Cook pasta in broth until done. (10 mins.?)  Add vegetables and cook until
they are ready, if needed.  Add seasonings, thickener, and water if
necessary.  Enjoy!