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Fava Beans

 Living in Saudi Arabia, we see lots of fava beans, so I will pass on 
 what may be of help. They do come in a variety of shapes, colors and 
 sizes.  They can be bought dried, canned or fresh.  In Europe they are 
 called "broad beans", so this may help in your search.  While visiting 
 the U.S. I have seen canned beans in the foreign food section of the 
 grocery store.  Be careful not to buy can's labeled "Foul", or "Foul 
 Mudamas" for cooking, as these are already a prepared dish, sometimes
 known as the national dish of Egypt! (try it though!  It is delicious)  
 I have also, on more than one occasion found canned and dried beans in 
 Middle Eastern grocery stores.  Again in different sizes and colors 
 ranging from brown to dark purple.  I don't believe they make a 
 European/Egyption distinction, but I have found the brown ones to have a 
 softer skin when cooked.

 I hope this helps