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non-stick cookware

I don't use non-stick cookware because I have pet birds.  I have read in
several sources that the fumes given off by teflon and other non-stick coatings
when it is heated to a high temperature have killed people's pet birds, even
when those birds were in another room of the house.  I then wonder, if those
fumes are strong enough to kill birds, what are they doing to the rest of us
and to our environment?  I use cast iron cookware, and I do not cook with any
oil.  I coat the cast iron occasionally with PAM after I have washed the pans
and then wipe off any residue before I use them.  I've cooked this way for
years and have never had any problems.  The only way I "fry" anything is with
water or vegetable broth.
Sherri Tower