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RE: Cast Iron Cookware

Once your cast iron is seasoned you don't have to use oil.  The fry pan dh
and I got from his grandmother (about 20 years old) is wonderful and it
sweats garlic and oil like you wouldn't believe!  I don't fry with
oil...what a waste of calories!

The keys to fat free cast iron cooking are slow and low...turn the heat of
your stove on medium to medium low and adjust upwards if you have to.  If
the heat is to high to begin with you will burn things.  The beauty of cast
iron is that it keeps a nice steady heat.  However, unlike other pans even
though you turn the heat under the pan down that doesn't mean that the pan
will cool down as quickly.  It is much better to have to adjust up then
adjust down!  I fix this problem by putting the pan on the heat (med.-low)
and leaving it for about 5 minutes, then I come back and start and I can
immediately tell if I need the heat adjusted upwards.  :)


On Wed, 16 Sep 1998, L. F. LaFountain wrote:

> All this talk about cast iron cookware and its glory has skirted the fact
> that they are frying with oil!  It takes fat and oil to cook in cast iron
> cookware.
Not necessarily!  I regularly use cast iron cookware, and do my "frying"
with a little bit of liquid.  I find that it works just as well as
my non-stick cookware, and is *much* easier to clean.

Jane Colman