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To the person who recently visited Boston on business:

I'm sorry you had such a bad culinary experience in Boston.  Boston actually
is pretty veg friendly, even though there aren't many veg restaurants.  Most
of my friends are vegetartians, or at least very veg friendly.  Boston is not
so VLF friendly, though.  I think your big problem was where you were staying.
Frankly I never eat in that area, and couldn't begin to tell you which of the
"nice" restaurants are ok. If you travel out of the downtown area, your adds
are much better. Since you said you'll be coming back again, I'll give you
some tips, and feel free to email me privately as well.  In downtown Boston
there are 2 veg restaurans.  One is Buddha's Delight in Chinatown which many
people I know love, pbut I personally hate.  Even though it's completely veg,
it's very unhealthy.  They use MSG and LOTS of oil.  It made me sick the one
time I ate there.  There is also the 7th Day Adventist run Country Life, which
is vegan.  It is buffet style, so you wouldn't be able to order things to your
specifications, but they do have an option to just get their salad bar, which
is large.  They plan their meals ahead of time, so I'm sure you could call and
see what's on the menu for a specific day.  I don't know for sure, but from
the way they're run (very friendly, family-like), I think they could tell you
fat content.  I do most of my eating out at ethnic restaurants, of which there
are plenty in Boston/Cambridge, all of which have plenty of veg options.
There is a macrobiotic restaurant in Jamaica Plain, which you can get to on
the bus from Copley Sq.  The New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS) has
a brochure "Vegetarian Dining in Boston".  I think they have a web site, but
I'm not sure.  Or you could call them at 617-523-6020.  Hope this helps, and
definitely contact me if you want more suggestions.