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For Karen Lopez - I am so sorry that you had a very veg-unfriendly
experience here in Boston!  I find that conferences in general are horrible
for vegetarians.  I have had similar experiences all over, so I don't blame
the cities!!!

Here are some suggestions for your next trip:
1)    Small Planet - Boylston St. across from Copley Plaza
2)    One I haven't tried is Cena on Westland Avenue which claims to be
"light" although not strictly vegetarian - I want to go soon!
3)    Everyone always mentions Country Life (200 High Street) which is in
the business district and right next to some of the major parts of
construction going on here.  It is a vegan-all-you-can-eat-buffet (what a
concept).  Lately, though I have found the menu to be kind of dull (but
still a great deal).

Several regular contributors to this list live in or near Boston, so I hope
that they will back me up!!


Even though it is called Bean Town, Boston Baked Beans have pork in them -