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Re: FATFREE Digest V98 #83

>I just purchased the Mastercook software. How do you all who use
>it..organize it? As a vegetarian I don't need all the meat recipies. Did
>you delete them? One by one? How do I backup the recipies in case my
>computer crashes?

For information about Mastercook, there is a list.  The subscribers to this
list run the gamut of brillant expertise to rank beginner's, like I.   May
I respectfully request that all discussion regarding this computer software
be moved to the Mastercook list?  I make this request because I have been a
member of another recipe list and list members ignored all attempts of the
list owner to return the discussion to the topic and she shut the list
down.  I very much enjoy reading all of your tips for fatfree cooking and
recipes and would be sorry to lose it.

Here's the info about the Mastercook list:

send the following command in email to


Or you can send mail to <majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> with the following
command in the body of your email message:

    subscribe mastercook-digest

or from another account, besides gma@xxxxxxxx:

   subscribe mastercook-digest gma@xxxxxxxx

If you ever need to get in contact with the owner of the list,
(if you have trouble unsubscribing, or have questions about the
list itself) send email to <owner-mastercook-digest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> .
This is the general rule for most mailing lists when you need
to contact a human.

Gloriamarie, writing to you from San Diego, celebrating the Return of
Perfect Weather.  Come and enjoy it with me!!

 The trouble with life is, you're half way through it before you realize
it's a "do it yourself" thing.