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Breakfast Foods

Here are some of my favorite breakfast recipes.

Bulgar Meal
     2/3 cups bulgur (dried cracked wheat)
     1 1/3 cups cold water
     dried fruit of choice, chopped (I love craisins, apricots, raisins,
     favorite spices (cinnamon or nutmeg work well)
     seeds (sunflower, pumpkin)
     brown rice syrup

Add the bulgur to cold water, bring to a boil, and then down to a
simmer. Simmer in a covered pan for 12-15 minutes. I love to cook it so
that it pops out, a little like popcorn, and is very moist like oatmeal.
it is cooked thoroughly, add the dried fruit, and seeds...however
much you want. A handful of each, perhaps. It's your recipe now. Add
spices if you want. Then, put it in a cute little bowl and drizzle it with
plenty o' syrup. I must admit I used honey, but brown rice syrup, corn
syrup, or maple syrup would all work very well. Serve hot! Leftovers
can be refrigerated, preferably without the syrup on top. Eat leftovers
within a couple days. Yum.

Serves: 2

Joe & Lori's Midnight Smoothie Snack
1 10 oz  box Mori-Nu Soft Silken tofu
2 ripe bananas, peeled
1 15 oz  can apricot halves in pear juice (juice and all)
3 cups orange juice
2-3 heaping TBS's Wheat Germ
Place in a blender on high until creamy and well blended. Add a few ice
cubes if you like it colder. It is very light and refreshing.

We hope you enjoy it!

Serves: 2-3

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Decadent Oatmeal

     Two medium sized apples. I prefer Granny Smith or Pippins.
     1-1/2 ounce dried apricot.
     1-1/2 ounce dried raisin.
     1 pint apple juice.
     3 ounces slow-cooking oatmeal.
     spices: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Lemon Rind, [Allspice]

I tried this one day when I had a bit of apple juice on hand. The only fat
is from the oatmeal proper. If memory serves, there's 1 gm of fat per
ounce of dry oatmeal. Feel free to substitute.

Core the apples, [peel if you insist] and chop. Chop the dried apricot.
Combine the apples, apricot, raisins with the apple juice and heat to
boiling. Let simmer a minute, then add the oatmeal. Cook for 5 minutes,
then turn off the heat and cover for a couple of minutes. Serve over or
with sliced banana.

Groovy Breakfast Burrito

     whole wheat tortillas
     firm tofu, crumbled
     curry powder, turmeric, paprika, cayenne, parsley, cumin
     fresh crushed garlic
     chopped onion
     spaghetti squash salad
     nutritional yeast (the yellow flaky kind)

Sauté garlic and onions in a little broth, wine, or water. Add crumbled
tofu, tamari and
spices. Sauté until lightly browned. Add spaghetti squash salad (see
directions below). Sauté until fully incorporated into tofu mixture and
warmed thoroughly.

Warm tortilla(s) in a fry pan for several seconds. Remove. Spoon the
scrambled tofu/squash mixture in a line down the center of the tortilla.
Sprinkle with nutritional yeast. Add salsa, or you can serve it on the top.
Roll it up like a burrito. Enjoy!!

Spaghetti squash salad: I got this idea from someone on the recipe
board. Add your choice of steamed or fresh veggies (I like small,
steamed broccoli florets, raw carrot gratings, chopped fresh mushroom,
chopped fresh tomato, and pumpkin seeds) to cooked spaghetti squash
(removed from the shell, of course). Toss. If you want to use it as a
salad, top with your favorite salad dressing. If you want to use it in the
breakfast burrito, omit the dressing unless you think it would be tasty as
part of the burrito. I use green goddess dressing and it's good in the

Serves: as many as you want

Preparation time: could be og or short, depending on what you have in
the refrigerator.

Lisa's Breakfast

     4 med. potatoes cubed to 1/2 inch squares
     1 green pepper chopped
     1 red pepper chopped
     1 lb.. mushrooms diced
     2 med.. spanish onions diced
     4 plum tomatoes chopped
     1 clove garlic

Sauté the onions and the garlic with some water until the onions begin to
get translucent. Add the potatoes and 1/4 cup of water, the peppers and
the mushroom, cover and let simmer until the potatoes begin to get soft
over medium flame (about 15 minutes). Add the tomatoes and some black
pepper (if you have some hot sauce, now is the time to add it). Keep
cooking until the potatoes are desired firmness. This is excellent with
your favorite salsa mixed in. It also good if you have some of the fat free
sour cream if you want it.

Miso Rice Porridge

1 cup organic brown rice, washed
5 cups water
small pinch of sea salt or piece of kombu, soaked and diced
3 to 4 shiitake mushrooms, soaked, stems removed, and diced, add the water
used for soaking as part of above liquid measurement
1 cup daikon, quartered and sliced thin
1/4 cup celery, sliced on a thin diagonal
1/2 cup squash, cubed
1/2 cup carrot, diced
1/4 cup cabbage, diced
2 level tsp. barley miso, pureed
chopped scallion, chives, or parsley, for garnish

Place the rice, water, sea salt or kombu and shiitake in a pressure cooker.
Cover and bring up to pressure. Reduce flame to medium-low and cook for 45
minutes. Remove from flame and allow pressure to come down. Remove cover.
Add the daikon, squash, carrots, and cabbage. Cover with a regular lid, not
a pressure cooker lid, and bring to a boil. Reduce the flame to medium-low
and simmer several minutes until the vegetables are tender. Reduce the
flame to low, add the miso, and mix well. Simmer, without boiling, for 2 to
3 minutes. Place in serving bowls and garnish.

Here's my simple things I make for breakfast.  They are not in recipe form.

Regular cereal with apple sauce instead of milk.
Shredded potatoes cooked on a skillet topped with ketchup.
Any cooked grain with scallions and sesame salt.
Oatmeal and raisins.
Miso soup.
Stewed Fruits
Seasoned and "fried" (cooking spray only) tofu