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oatmeal and other thoughts

Breakfast:  oatmeal with fruit or brown sugar or just plain.  Very good topped
with apple chunks sauteed in a bit of orange juice and brown sugar.  Cream of
rice is also very simple and good (not as healthful as the oatmeal though).
Then there's always banana bread with ff/cream cheese or whole wheat toast with
apple butter. Bagels, bagels, bagels!  How about some fresh fruit with yogurt
on top?  Or ff hash browns with spices and a little ff sour cream?  Warmed
brown rice pudding with honey, raisons and cinnamon. Yum!

As far as daily meal plans, I read somewhere that it is nutritionally
adviseable to think about diet as you would exercise -- think about nutrition
levels over a couple of days, instead of just per day. For example, today for
breakfast it was a bowl of raisin bran and some fresh-squeezed
pinkgrapefruitorangemangokiwi juice; lunch I'll have a baked potato with Spike
seasoning and some ff yogurt; dinner I'll try to attempt gimmelean and pepper
sandwiches with a salad. In between munching on shredded wheat cereal, dry. But
tomorrow I'll probably have some kind of beans and rice for lunch or dinner,
and try a different variety of vegetables than the day before. I think that
variety and awareness are the keys to proper nutrition.

I recently read a recipe in a magazine (not sure if it was editorial or an
advertisement) for oatmeal waffles.  I don't have a waffle maker, but maybe
someone on the list wants to try it and see how it comes out. Basically,
prepare the oatmeal and then pour into a sprayed waffle iron. It seems odd but
maybe worth a try.  Am I missing an ingredient?  Anyone want to try it?

By the way, I sampled the WOW chips and found them to be quite disgusting
(gagging effect). I had one chip, then half of another just to confirm. The
texture is not one that I'm used to on a lowfat diet (I prefer Baked Lays,
despite the hydrogenated o*ls). And my husband refuses to try them because of
the Olestra -- he'd rather just have the o*l. Can't say I blame him. Even
though these chips fool the body into being fatfree, they also block absorption
of certain nutrients. If I want potatoes, I'll have them baked!

Happy spring!

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