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Re: Non-stick cookwear

>I need a new non-stick pan and want something that will really hold up
>and am willing to pay more for something good. Can anyone on the list
>make a recommendation? Additionally, does anyone have any wisdom about
>keeping non-stick cookwear intact and free of damage?

I recently bought some Circulon pots - they are fantastic! They do not have
a coated surface but instead the insides are ribbed. I haven't tried the
frying pan - so far just two regular pots and a dutch oven, but everything
so far has come off with no effort at all. Other things I like about these
is 1) they're heavy but not so heavy that it's a chore to lift them; 2) the
handles and knobs do not get hot.

I always use a spray when I'm frying in a nonstick pan - helps the food to
"slide" more easily and I figure the fat and calories are negligible. I
bought an olive oil spray in a refillable pump-type bottle a couple of years
ago and I'm still working on the original supply! This was expensive to
begin with, but I'm glad I bought it.