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Soy Milk Containers


The powdered *Better Than Milk* that I get comes in a round cardboard
type container with metal trimmed (aluminum?) rims at the top and
bottom, with a peel-off (aluminum?) foil type seal that is replaced by a
plastic lid when opened.  Similar to an oatmeal box, but with a better
seal.  It comes with a plastic (and I believe it has the little
recycling triangle embossed on it) scoop for measuring the powder.  I
end up saving the scoops to use as spoon rests.  The carton of powder
makes 8 quarts of tofu milk.

If you are concerend about landfill space, at least the cardboard
container could be squished flat-- if the cardboard is not recyclable.

Hope this helps!

Cat (Catherine) Skinner