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salsa bread

This is my day for multi-responses. Just  reponded to the won ton
wrapper and now my salsa bread recipe is under fire.  I originally
posted the recipe in response to a general question about bread
machines, mentioning I make herb bread, cinamon -raisin and salsa bread.
Got a flurry of requests for the recipe.

I used Paca Picante salsa or Old El Paso.  No other liquid was needed,
as the salsa is rather loose. I would never have needed to add a cup of
water, never, never, never. Perhaps a teaspoon, peek in during a
kneeding cycle and tap the top of the loaf. Don't open during a rising
session, only during kneeding.

Perhaps your salsa is really thick, but for me, a teaspoon was plenty.

Susan Scatena