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Non-dairy cheeses

     My favorite brand of non-fat, non-dairy cheese is Soya Kaas. They make 
     several flavors, including cheddar and mozzarella. They also make a 
     few kinds of cheese that have a bit more fat in them, but not too 
     much. The only problem is that I'm not sure if they are completely 
     vegan. The cheese may contain casein, which is animal-derived (someone 
     please correct me if I am wrong). Another brand that I have used is 
     Tofurella, but it doesn't melt as well or taste as good as the Soya 
     Kaas, IMHO.
     I also use a nearly fat-free, rice-based parmesan cheese substitute, 
     but I can't remember the brand name. I find it near the tofu and other 
     soy products in my grocery store.
     And good old nutritional yeast is always a good vegan substitute for 
     cheese. (It won't melt though!)
     Good luck going vegan, Laura. There are plenty of substitutes for 
     dairy out there that will keep you satisfied and not craving dairy. 
     Try a brand of non-dairy ice cream called Sweet Nothings. It is 
     non-fat and very creamy. You'll never know that it's non-dairy. 
     Sharon's, Haagen-Dazs, and Ben and Jerry's all make very good sorbets. 
     (Try Haagen-Dazs chocolate sorbet. Yum!!)
     Jenny Pihonak