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won ton wrappers

Good New Year to you all. I think I'm the one who started this won ton
wrapper business. My friend and I were cooking for a large group of
people. She's a chef and showed me how to press won ton wrappers in
miniature muffin tins sprayed with Pam.  Bake for 350 for about 6
minutes.  Fill with stuff and return to oven for a few more minutes.  I
asked for suggestions on what to fill them with, as she used meat.  

For Christmas and New Year's parties, I made miniature quiche's. Came
out really nice.  I bought these packs of wrappers in my local Korean
grocer, pack of 50 was 50¢ Goya brand, pack of 72 was 95¢, local brand,
different stores. Sorry I don't know what they contain, but the idea of
making little quiche's fast and easily was great. They look so cute, and
i can knock out 48 (2 pans of 24 each) in just a few minutes.

Susan Scatena