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McDougall Max Weight loss

For Lynda, who wanted the condensed version of the McDougall Max Weight 
Loss:  You have the most important part, not eating processed grains like 
bread and pasta.  Before anyone freaks out, this is not a slur on the 
healthiness of bread and pasta.  The processing makes the calories in them 
more easily assimilated by the body, and that isn't an advantage for some 
of us :-)
The other main point is that your diet can be considered to belong to two 
groups, the grain/starch group and the yellow and green vegetable group. 
 He suggests that the more you weight (he he) the balance toward the yellow 
and green vegetable group, the faster you will lose weight.  You still eat 
both, though, and you need to experiment to see how you feel with different 
balances.  Be prepared to eat far more volume if you start eating more 
yellow/green vegetables!  I think of it as a plate of vegetables and rice. 
 Since I need to lose weight, I'll fill my plate with 1/4 rice and 3/4 

Meals are easy, but snacks, even ff snacks, tend to be heavy on the grain 
side.  Here are some munchy ideas that fit the MMWL:

steamed artichokes in the evening
a star fruit or other exotic indulgence
whir up some dip with Mori-Nu lite tofu and serve with carrot/celery sticks
keep your own veggie version of an antipasta platter in the fridge

Simple tofu veggie dip

1 package Mori-Nu lite firm tofu
1 t dry dill
2 cloves garlic, pressed or minced
Bragg's liquid aminos to taste (1 t?)

Put it all in the blender and whir.  Add a little water if necessary. 
 Ideally, put it in a container and refrigerate overnight.
Anne, still in need of more veggie intensive recipes!