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Veggie Burgers

Hello all,

I have recently discovered veggie burgers...I am addicted. I *used* to be a 
big fan of m**t burgers...and now I can enjoy them again. Although I think 
the veggie ones taste so much better. Never thought I'd say that. :)

Mainly I have been eating restaurant ones and I have noticed different 
consistencies. My favorite is the dry-homemade-like one. Which brings me to 
my question. Does anyone have a good recipe for veggie burgers?

Thanks in Advance


Sheila Jarvie
Hewlett Packard Canada Ltd
Software Engineer
Calgary Product Development Center
email: sheila@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"Oh drat, these computers...  They're so naughty and
so complex.  I could pinch them!"
--- Marvin the Martian
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