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Sulfites in wine, BBQ marinade


Re. sulfites in wine.  Yes, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does 
require added sulfites need to be declared on the label.  Here are a couple 
of URLs that have more info on the topic, from archived articles from the FDA 
Consumer magazine (an excellent reference; even though I work for FDA, I 
don't have anything to do directly with the production of the magazine, I 
just think it's good):

Marinade for grilled vegetables:
I haven't tried this myself, but it was described to me by the cook of some 
very tasty grilled eggplant--

1. Slice vegetables (eggplant in this case; don't see why you couldn't use 
others as well) and layer them in a dish, sprinkling powdered fajita (sp.?) 
seasoning mix between the layers.

2. Pour a dark beer (such as stout) over the veggies and seasoning to cover 
and marinate until ready to grill (I'm not sure how long)

I'm not positive that the seasoning mix is ff and veg, but I think it 
probably is.  It's found in grocery stores with all the other seasoning mixes 
(sloppy joe, beef stew, etc.--not exactly a popular section for vegetarians 

This was good, the flavors seemed to complement the smoky grilled taste

--Jan in Maryland