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Re: McDougall Max Weight loss

On 4/22/98 Anne Cox explained the main points of the MWLP, and then offered
a yummy-sounding tofu veggie dip:

>Simple tofu veggie dip
>1 package Mori-Nu lite firm tofu
>1 t dry dill
>2 cloves garlic, pressed or minced
>Bragg's liquid aminos to taste (1 t?)
>Put it all in the blender and whir.  Add a little water if necessary. 
> Ideally, put it in a container and refrigerate overnight.

Sounds good, but I am (was?) pretty sure that soy products are on the "no
no" list for MWLP, even the lite tofu.  I lent the book out to somebody so
I can't check--did I remember it wrong?

Iowa City, Iowa