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Re: Lost mail??

On Fri, 17 Apr 98 13:36:03 -0700  artemis@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> So, please be patient if you don't see your post right away, Thanks!

Oh, yes, and some advice for not getting caught by the long-post

Quote only enough of the message you are responding to clarify what
you are saying.  Keep your own comments short and sweet.  Make sure
your mailer sends the message using *only* plain text and does not
contain any formating codes such as html.  Keep your signature short,
4 lines or fewer.  If you have several topics to discuss or several
recipes, consider sending them in seperate emails.

Also, please don't send your messages multiple times unless it has
been more than a week.  I may not always notice that you sent
duplicates and they may then appear on the list and in everyone's
digest twice.

Michelle Dick       artemis@xxxxxxxxx       East Palo Alto, CA
          Owner, FATFREE Vegetarian Mailing List