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Banana bread discrepancy and HOT sauce

Carla wrote:  <<  The [Banana Bonanza] recipe as posted listed baking powder
in the list of ingredients but the instructions said to stir in the flour and
soda.  >>

My list of ingredients included a teaspoon each of baking powder AND baking
soda.  I know several people reposted the recipe and can get lost in the
translation, so that could very well be the problem (no, I haven't gotten
around to making it, myself).

I also wanted to thank the fellow chilihead on this list who recommended that
wonderful Vietnamese Sriracha sauce.  It looks so much like ketchup that I
ignored it on my previous trips to the Asian market but when I read the
ingredients and saw that the red color came from *only* hot peppers, I bought
the 28oz. bottle!  WOW, do we ever love it.  Now I can finally get rid of
those oily sauces.  Thanks so much for telling us about it.  I hope I've
posted something that you enjoyed even half as much.