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Re: Lost mail??

On 17 Apr 1998 09:23:14 -0700  zoe_sodja@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> A few days ago I sent some mail to this list that included 2 recipes, one for
> a Finnish yellow split pea soup (Hernerakkaa) and another for Caribbean Rice.
> I havent seen it come through. Did it get lost in cyberspace? What happened?

Admin note:

Long messages, messages containing phrases that look like admin
requests, messages sent to the request address instead of the posting
address, messages sent from an email address other than the one you
are subscribed under, and a few other types of messages are
automatically diverted from direct posting by the list software.  The
are filed for me to review and approve.  Once approved, they are
posted.  Sometimes I can check for these messages daily, other times I
may fall a few days to a week behind.  These limits help keep spam off
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So, please be patient if you don't see your post right away, Thanks!

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