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Re: And they're off...the pounds that is.

On Wed, 03 Sep 1997 16:50:54 -0500  bevku@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Uhhhh...okay, when Dr. McDougal says MAXIMUM loss he reallly means it.
> For someone who is not a vegan (or at least not a vegetarian) I don't
> see how they could bear the program.

Heh.  I'm a vegetarian and I wouldn't be able to bear that program.
To be fair to him, though, he only suggests the MWL program for those
who don't lose the weight they want on his regular program -- e.g. for
stubborn cases. 

I love whole quinoa and other grains, but when it comes to pasta, I'm
afraid I have to have mine refined.  And the idea of a diet totally
without pasta, not even whole wheat pasta ...  Whew! I'll pass.

But, I'm a large woman who doesn't want to lose weight, so none of
this is an issue for me.  I eat low fat vegetarian (and try to eat
very low fat most of the time) because I like the food and because my
body feels better when I do.  I do wish those of you who do wish to
lose weight success.  I understand it's very difficult, though I know
a number of people who have successfully lost weight and kept it off,
so it's not an unattainable goal.