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re: gimme lean

Just wanted to say how weird the term "ground cow" sounds, like so
unappealing - but that's what it is!

I remember being really, really little asking my mom why they called
pig 'pork' and cow 'beef' and deer 'venison' , etc.
I don't remember what she said, but it always confused me.

By the way, I've always wondered: IS there another reason people call
meat by non-animal names? You can reply to me privately, since it's a
weird question, and not that appealing IMHO :-)


Kelly (obviously raised in the city) Carney

>From: Ladyveg@xxxxxxxxx (Rachel Sincere)
>I just checked the label of some "Gimme Lean" I have in my freezer.  It
>says to use in tacos, lasagnes, on pizza, anywhere you'd use ground cow.