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Re: Cravings

On Wed, 22 Oct 1997, L. F. LaFountain wrote:

> I CRAVE ICE CREAM!  Just can't seem to get rid of it!  So every now and
> then, I buy one of those new yogurt ice creams in the 6-8 oz. size.  I look
> for the ones with Nutrasweet and, of course, it has to be chocolate.  I
> figure it's better than the real stuff and I don't do it often.
> Lois in Sylvania, Ohio
> Go Tribe!

Hi Lois,

I'm in Bowling Green! We're neighbors. :)  Have you tried the Hagen Daas
chocolate sorbet? No artificial sweetners, no dairy, but very creamy and
very delicious and fatfree!