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Dixie Products

Mike is right, it isn't as much a convenience food as it is sold as ...
if you prepare it by microwaving a few minutes, you end up with really
yucky stuff.  I made the Chicken Not! chunks yesterday and they turned
out PERFECT ... you can't tell they aren't real chicken.  Here's what I
did.  I boiled water in a teapot, then placed the dried chunks and broth
powder (plus some poultry seasoning) in a container.  I poured the hot
water over the chunks, covered the whole thing, and refrigerated it
overnight (actually a day and a half, but 24 hours should be
sufficient).  Then, I put the chunks and soaking liquid in a pot and
boiled for 20-30 minutes, let cool and tore them up into small pieces to
make chicken salad with.  They were so good, I was amazed and ate a
whole bunch of it as I was "shredding" it.  I seem to have caught a bit
of the flu and am looking forward to going home and fixing some Chicken
Not! & Noodle soup; I also can't wait to try this with the beef not
chunks.  You may want to try this method with the burger and loaf mixes
before using them, just remember to drain off the liquid (use in soup or
stew) before making burgers or meatloaf.  I love the chili and taco
mixes, but it may be a matter of personal taste.

Leah in Cleveland, Ohio