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Breakfast Ideas

Zoe Sodja,

Indonesians eat rice with tempeh or tofu at breakfast time. They also eat
hot rice porridge made from rice, salt and water. At times they put some
vegetables in that. They love to eat noodles with or without vegetables.
North Indians eat chapati or paratha. These are also known as Indian bread
and are like Mexican tortillas. These are made from wheat flour and parathas
can be stuffed with potatoes or vegetables. One can have butter milk or
cottage cheese with plain chapati or paratha. South Indians eat idli and
dosas. Idlis are steamed and dosas are just like pancakes. But these are
made from rice and black gram. One can make idli from semolina, too. Idli is
eaten with lentils. Dosas can be plain, spicy or stuffed with vegetables.
One can make hot dish using semolina, sugar and milk. It is little different
from your wheat cream cereal. One can have hot wheat vermicelli with milk.
Instant idli and dosa packets with instructions must be available in Indian
shops. Do try and you may like it for change. If you need recipe of
anything, do let me know.