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Thanks to everyone who helped me out with tips on how to cook millet.  Now I
know I'll have to con myself into eating it and rice more than pasta...

I hope someone may be able to help.  Andrew and I have been on a low fat
vegan diet since last October.  Mainly for health reasons, but we are now
"converts".  Things were fine last year, but this year he's started to lose
weight.  We thought that his weight would plateau, but at 6'4" and 150
pounds, he's pretty thin. (I mean his ribs are poking out).  Maybe its
because he's cut out coffee and alcohol recently, he used to drink a bottle
of beer after work.

Anyway, I've been trying to stay low fat while he's upped the fruit and
nuts, avocados, tofu etc.... Does anyone else on the list share this
problem...I mean, is anyone committed to a low fat diet but find themselves
unable to maintain their weight?  Any recipes or eating tips on this would
be really appreciated.

Kind regards to everyone,