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Re: spice mill

There are a couple of messages on spice mills that I figured I'd throw my
2 cents in on... :) 

Aiko writes:

> I've thought about this too, more from the other point of view...
> how about the coffee taste getting into the spices you grind?
> I don't mind spiced coffee but coffee flavored curry may not go
> over too well :-)  

Two possible answers: (a) buy a second coffee grinder, use it only for
coffee, or (b) stop drinking coffee... :)

Lynda writes:

> All this talk of spice mills, coffee mills, and the cross contamination
> of
> coffee and cumin....
> Makes me wonder whatever happened to the mortar and pestle?  :-D

In my case, it's a combination of not enough time and some rather
uncomfortable problems with a computer-related repetitive strain injury
that keep me from considering a mortar & pestle.  Besides which, I could
never get the spice to stay in the mortar! It was always sort of like
playing tiddly-winks for me...  :) 

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