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soup idea

I don't post very often but thought I'd pass this along................
I'm a big fan of using the Manischewitz packets of soup mix; I use them
either as  an easy soup or use them as a base for something more. (They
cost around $1 where we get them.) Today I used the vegetable soup mix w/
mushrooms.  I couldn't leave well enough alone though.  I added a can of
tomatoes and a box of frozen yellow squash and cayenne pepper, oregano and
a tad more salt and black pepper. The oregano really set the flavor. This
one I didn't get overly spicey hot. I then made some polenta just seasoned
w/ onion...that took all of 8 min. to make.  I put a "glob" of polenta into
my bowl and ladled the soup around the polenta.  It wasn't the prettiest
sight I've ever seen, but the flavors blended very well. IMHO  Soups
on.............. LOL  Tasted real good to me after my 45 minutes on the
Nordic Track.
Nancy Allen (I apoligize if I broke any list rules by mentioning a brand
name..I wasn't sure.)