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Re: spice mill

Hi folks delurking with a question here:

All this talk of spice mills, coffee mills, and the cross contamination of
coffee and cumin....
Makes me wonder whatever happened to the mortar and pestle?  :-D

I use one daily to grind my spices as I too enjoy the flavor of fresh
ground seasoning.  By using my motar and pestle I  can use only what's
required for the recipe, have no waste, and never have a crossover of
flavors to worry about.  There is an added bonus as well, in that there is
no motor to burn out!  ;)

BTW, has anyone here ever tried lightly toasting their cumin before
grinding it?  It has the most wonderful flavor when you do.  I read about
it in a magazine, tried it and will never go back to UNtoasted cumin again!


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