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Re: College eating

Kate wrote:

>I'd like to fit some tomatoes in there, but can't work out
>how to make dried tomato powder. Has anyone had any luck drying
>tomatoes without a dehydrator? The shop ones are just too too
>expensive for what they are, I think...maybe I'll check out how much
>they are per pound of fresh tomatoes used though...

Hi Kate;
        I just saw a bit of a TV cooking show where the chef being
interviewed said he dries his own tomatoes by putting them in a cool oven
(about 150+ degrees F) overnight.  I've never tried this, and so can't vouch
for the advice, but I figure it's worth a shot.  I'd imagine this is for
rather small tomatoes, maybe cherry or small plum varieties.  I'm not sure
if you can do it whole or if you've to slice or halve the tomatoes first -
maybe try both?  In so cool an oven you shouldn't have much problem with
them sticking or burning, especially if you use a non-stick sheet.

Hope it works out,

P.S. Let me know.