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College eating

* Getting a Kitchen in College *

Oriana was asking about how to survive when she goes to college. This
may not be in time for Oriana, but if anyone here is going to be in
this situation in the future, what I did (almost 4 years ago now...wow
doesn't time fly?) was phone up the JCR president (equivalent would
probably be someone at the student union) and say that I needed access
to a kitchen because I was vegetarian. You could even exaggerate
yourself to a vegan if you're not one, if you think this would help.

The guy I spoke to was very helpful, and got me swapped with someone
else within the week. I got access to a kitchen and a much nicer room
than I would have had otherwise, as a bonus ;-)

* Instant Food *

Another small tip - I can never work out how much packed lunch I'm
going to want (it varies from day to day depending on how much walking
around I do - sometimes none apart from my 2 x 30-minute trek there
and back, sometimes almost 2 hours extra of back & forth between
library, college and department). So I have a packet of couscous, some
nutritional yeast flakes, some dried onions, dried mixed herbs and
broth powder mix in the cupboard in my office. Mix it up, add boiling
water, wait 10 minutes...you have a meal. And it keeps for ever. Even
in the dorm room surely you'll have access to a kettle? 

I'm also working on a healthy soup mix based on a broth recipe that
Jacqueline posted, and I'd like to do something with TVP as well...the
problem is, I'd like to fit some tomatoes in there, but can't work out
how to make dried tomato powder. Has anyone had any luck drying
tomatoes without a dehydrator? The shop ones are just too too
expensive for what they are, I think...maybe I'll check out how much
they are per pound of fresh tomatoes used though...

Anyway, to Oriana and Jenny W, well done for getting to college, and I
hope you enjoy your undergraduate years as much as I did mine!


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