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Garden Vegan Burgers

Leah, I got mine at my local HFS (they're FINALLY starting to carry
food) and they come from the same place that the Garden Burgers come
from: Wholesome & Heaerty Foods, Inc.; 1411 SW Morrison St., STE 400;
Portland OR  97205.

No phone number listed, on the package...I just called for a number and
it is 503.238.0109, perhaps they can give you a lead on a store near you
that carries them or pack some up and mail 'me to you frozen.

Although I LOVE the burgers that resemble m**t, I do love the flavor of
the garden burgers as well.

The ingredients are water, brown rice, vital wheat gluten, bulgur wheat,
onions, mushrooms,  natural spices (sure hope that's not hidden MSG)
autolyzed yeast, OLIVE OIL, carageenan, seas salt, vegetable color.

It BUGS ME NO END that they can claim to be fat free and have olive oil
in them.  It is a a minuscule amount of course, but blast it all, it
does NOT make them Fat Free.

Now I'm kicking myself for calling and getting their number for you <G>.

I make a similar burger but don't ever bother to keep an accurate
measurement of what I toss in.

Usually I'll start by cooking brown rice (a staple around here), toss in
some of whatever is available in the way of veggies...mushrooms,
tomatoes, bulgur wheat (also another staple that's usually sitting in a
covered dish).  Onions and elephant garlic which is now in season
(hurray!)...in other words I just start tossing the kitchen into the
food processor and cook whatever comes out.

It's squash time around here so yellow squash and zucchini and ... heck
as long as it can be made into a burger, I mix it, cook it, and it it
doesn't come out tasting the way I'd hoped, there is always my favorite

Good luck!