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Garden Vegan Burgers


I have never seen the garden vegan burgers.  I used to eat the regular
Gardenburgers, but they aren't vegan ... but I miss them so.  Do you
have any idea who the manufacturer is?  I used to LOVE those things,
probably because they don't resemble real burgers ... I don't like vegan
boca burgers because they're too "meaty" for my taste.

Also, for the woman who was looking for lunch ideas for her husband (I
think it was Nancy), one of my favorites is a tortilla wrap sandwich. 
You can stick just about anything inside (except tomatoes because they
make the tortilla mushy), but one of my favorites is seasoned rice, some
whole beans, lettuce and onion ... YUMMY, I also pair that with a pasta
salad (any kind of pasta with some finely minced veggies and fatfree
dressing of choice) and you have a very tasty cold lunch.  Anyway, I
hope this helps ... if I think of anything else, I'll post it.