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Jan's Lament

Jan, I'm a stroke survivor and attend some of the stroke clubs around
the Fort Worth/Dallas area.  They're fun and give me something to do
since I've had to retire.

One restaurant, TGIF, starts the round of stroke club meetings.  I eat
the steamed veggie plate with potato (no cheese, thank you), and plum
sauce dip.

ALL around me, however, are the dishes you mentioned.  Grease dripping
from every mouth and people wondering why so-and-so had yet another
stroke.  One poor soul has had 12 strokes in the last three years alone!

We've had nutritionists come and speak...and what to our wondering eyes
should we see THEM  eating?  You've got it.  Half-pound bacon
cheeseburgers and fries AND then they go onto dessert.

I've tried to show by example why I've had ONE stroke and how I've
reversed my heart disease.  I've spoken to groups.  Didja ever get the
feeling you were speaking Greek and the rest of the group was speaking

Oh well...they really would rather die than switch.

Sad, isn't it?